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Richmond HUG 12/2/15: Enhancing Social Media Publishing

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If you're spending time creating great content, it's important to share it in the best way possible. From setting goals to coming up with new ways to publish your content, December's Richmond HubSpot User Group meet-up was full of great discussion and tons of ideas. 

Start By Being Smart

RVA HUG Enhancing Social Media PublishingThe first step to a successful social media publishing strategy is to set goals. At the RVA HUG on December 2nd, we talked through best practices for goal settings as a way to start the conversation.

When you're setting goals, be smart about it! Some may be familiar with the term "S.M.A.R.T. goals", and social media is a perfect place to put them into action. Setting goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely will help keep your strategy on track. 

Don't Forget the Buyer's Journey

It's highly unlikely that every person who views your content is in the same stage of the buyer's journey. If you're clever with social media publishing though, you can structure your content to be appropriate for all stages of the journey from awareness to decision.

Here's a great example of one piece of content published three different ways for each stage of the buyer's journey:

Awareness: “Wonder why you get headaches in the afternoon? Find out more here: (link to blog post)”

Consideration: “Dehydration is an overlooked but common reason for headaches. Learn the benefits of drinking more water: (link to blog post).”

Decision: “Find out why Sally’s Super Water hydrates the body more effectively than any other water on the market: (link to blog post with eBook call-to-action at bottom)”

Everyone at the HUG agreed that inbound marketers should be cautious of posting too many decision-style posts, and put more focus into the awareness and consideration styles.

RVA HUG Enhancing Social Media PublishingIs There Really a Best Time to Post? 

Although there are plenty of timing best practices and they are a great place to start, everyone agreed that the best times depend on who your audience is. Once you start publishing on a regular basis, it will become evident which days of the week and times of day work best.

Something to keep in mind is that you never know what may work until you try! Schedule out a few posts in the evening or a on a Sunday morning to see how they perform. This is an area of social publishing where trial and error can become your best friend.

Tip: Twitter is a great platform to test out different timing strategies. Because the life of each post is relatively short, there is less risk in trying out various times.

Think Outside the Box

Let's say you've had great success with blog posts and infographics -- that doesn't mean you should stop there. Think about other forms of content you can use to get your message across. Maybe it's a webinar, a checklist or a video blog. You never know how many additional people you may reach by being creative with content formats.

Remember all of that great content you spent time creating? Don't hesitate to reinvent those ideas, whether it's in the form of new social posts or completely different content formats. 

We wrapped up the meet-up with an open floor conversation about our best practices and tips. People shared some of their best kept secrets and there were some helpful tips shared for social media publishing.

Thanks to everyone who attended this RVAHUG! We're looking forward to keeping this a quarterly event and continuing to discuss great content with other marketers in the Richmond area. 

Here are some helpful links to even further enhance your social publishing:


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